Work method

In order to reconstruct the "Get Back Sessions", it is necessary to use an audio editor software. These programs create a visual wave image (Waveform) from an audio file. The loading of the audio files is done in different sliding tracks, which allows an easy synchronization between them.

Many programs can do that. We have chosen "Audacity" because its ease of use, capacity power of making “Maps” and, besides, it is free. You can download a copy of this program Here.

For "Get Back Sessions" Waveforms reconstruction it’s necessary to load the Nagra Rolls in "Audacity". The most common thing is to load Roll A first and then the Roll B.

According to the criterion given in this website and following the Maps data times, the different recordings must be split and separated. Then, it is necessary to slide them to the right or left until they synchronize with the Waveform of the other roll.

In order to help us to determine the beginning or the end of a "performance", it is required to load the appropriate audios of "A / B Road Complete Get Back Sessions".

Be careful! Roll performance lengths do not always coincide with those of "A / B Road Complete Get Back Sessions"

Check the given criterion to determine where a roll starts or ends, where a Waveform must be cut, how to synchronize, etc.