Found Versions

This tab shows all the versions I found of the songs used in the different compilations of "Get Back Sessions".

For each performance, I used the versions of all my albums, both official and Beatlegs. This doesn't mean these versions are the only ones exist (surely there are other versions in the EMI vaults) or the only ones can be found (surely there are other beatlegs with other versions), simply they are the only ones I have.

The different Fakes I found are also shown. By the way, some of the highest quality.


Only the original Beatles material has been evaluated, so versions of other artists of the Beatles songs have not been considered.

Two versions with small speed variations are not considered different versions. This speed difference must be the result of the different equipment used for playback and recording.

Some versions have part of the previous sounds recorded to the song (Comments, entries, etc ...). Only the part of the song itself has been evaluated, not the previous sounds.

The labels used are as close as possible to EMI’s official nomenclature, although they may not exactly match the official ones.

The Stereophonic Distribution (Panning) criteria used for the stereo versions is a panoramic similar to clock hours.

• 3 ---- 3 O’clock is full Right
• 2 ---- 2 O’clock is Right Slightly Raised
• 1 ---- 1 O’clock is Right Quite Raised
• 12 -- 12 O’clock is Centered
• 11 -- 11 O’clock is Leftt Quite Raised
• 10 -- 10 O’clock is Left Slightly Raised
• 9 ---- 9 O’clock is full Left
• 1-11 -- Means the instrument starts at 1 o'clock and ends at 11 O'clock
• S -- Means the instrument is Swinging