First of All

First of all, I would like to apologize to all visitors to this website for my limited English level. That’s the reason why I’ve been forced to trust vehemently in Google translator.

Despite this inconvenience, I have written this website in English so that BEATLES fans can access this information more easily and help them to understand a bit better what the "Fab Four" did in January 1969.

This website is a non-profit site. The only motivation to write is sheer delight and unlimited awe for the music created by the BEATLES.

This website is TOTALLY open to any correction, extension, rectification, modification, suggestion, etc., ... you want to send me. All notifications received will be studied with the utmost rigor and care in order to introduce them on this website.

I believe that, in order to understand what happened at Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Corps in London between January 2 and 31 1969, it’s necessary to know ALL THE BEATLES recordings made in that time-frame. All this information must be analyzed in a rigorous way and put it in the correct order. Therefore, the main goal of this website is to define precise evolution over time maps that allow reconstructing those recordings.

Another objective of this website is to show in a simple way all the references that have been given to the same performance over the last few years. This will allow to determine exactly what version is a certain performance.

Likewise, our intention is to build a playlist with all performances contained in the EMI TAPES. Compilations created from these tapes were used to create a product (LP) with enough quality to be released.

In addition to that, all information about these compilations can be found in the “Compilations” section of this website.

Moreover, maps of all the circulating versions of these performances are shown in the "Found Versions" section. Also, the maps come with the name of the album where they can be found. The intention is to create a guide allowing Beatles fans to easily identify which version they own.

Finally, the “Edition Maps” section contains the breakdown of edited performances into its cuts and their sources.

The information reflected in this website belongs to session’s recordings of what was going to be the "Get Back" album. These recordings have been made public in different ways, therefore, they are accessible to anyone.

In preparing these time maps, a rigorous and regular working method has been developed. This will allow anyone to be able to reconstruct the audio files as they were recorded.

I hope this website can help BEATLES scholars in their researches, works, books, websites, historical files, etc., related to "Get Back Sessions".

Enjoy them!!!

Enrique López